Friday, March 11, 2005

Hurray for me, screw you

That seems to be the Bush Administration's motto as it continues to screw the average working stiff at the expense of the very wealthy. The latest example: cutting spending for the health care of military veterans. The Administration's new budget imposes new hospital fees, higher prescription drug co-payments, and other spending cuts in veterans benefits. (And this at a time of mounting combat losses in a war that should never have been fought.) The new budget also reduces benefits for poor preschoolers in the Head Start program and rental assistance for poor disabled and elderly individuals.
The cutbacks are the direct result of the refusal to roll back tax cuts for the very wealthy. Meantime, the Administraton continues to ruin the economy with a skyrocketing national debt load, to rape the environment, and to take money away from state programs. In short, the Administration is practicisng crony capitalism. New York State's attorney-general has had to prosecute corporate abuses that Bush's Justice Dept. continues to overlook. The Administration is more concerned about the welfare of its corporate benefactors than the welfare of the average low- and middle-class American.
The irony is that these same mainstream citizens are the ones who voted Mr. Bush into office. It continues to amaze me that these people don't know who their friends are. Apparently, they are more concerned about guns, gays and God than in their own best interests and the general welfare of the nation at large.


Anonymous Scott Mack said...

Mr. Reichek,
Yes, those of us on the left decry the "mainstream citizens" who elect presidents like GWB who's policies run counter to their economic interests. But, isn't it ironic that Jewish voters (let's assume they're largely in higher tax brackets) also vote against their economic best interests by overwhelmingly supporting the democractic party? I actually credit Jews for supporting what they see as the "greater good" above their shorter term financial well-being - but the red state mainstreamers may feel they're doing the same thing.

Monday, April 04, 2005 10:52:00 AM  

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